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    The Rules - Just So We're Clear

    Mr Fletcher
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    The Rules - Just So We're Clear Empty The Rules - Just So We're Clear

    Post  Mr Fletcher on Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:26 am

    Think of this place as a virtual classroom. You can't behave on here like you might behave on any old forum you might belong to - it is an extension of the 'real' classroom and the usual rules apply - we are here to be productive, to learn, to show off what we know, to ask and answer questions and to generally respect each other and each other's right to get on with their work.

    If you post:-

    * Innapropriate images (and ultimately I will decide what is or isn't appropriate)
    * Bad language (save for the times when it's necessary to post a quote from something to illustrate a point)
    * Abuse (although there might be borderline exceptions here if it's productive, interesting, lighthearted, funny and clever, again I will decide)

    then you should expect what you post to be deleted as soon as I notice it.

    You can complain to me about what others have said, either on here in a thread or a message or by talking to me out in the real world, and I will try to deal fairly with your concerns.

    Ultimately if you decide to ignore the rules then your behaviour on here could lead to disciplinary proceedings in school - there are consequences in a virtual classroom just as there are consequences in a real classroom, although if you do it here we have the evidence to hand in a very straightforward way.

    My experience of using forums as an educational tool is that they are very effective and useful. I hope this place proves to be so.

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